For us Swedes, building wooden houses is an old tradition and many older buildings are still standing. The benefits of the wood are increasingly being noticed and the interest in solid wood houses has increased considerably. Here we talk about sustainability – for real.

From an environmental point of view, wood is sustainable in several ways. The is renewable, environmentally friendly and can be reused and recovered. Research also shows that wood has a positive effect on health and well-being. It smoothes the humidity, which contributes to a better indoor environment. In addition, wood is beautiful, flexible and gives the architect great opportunities to create a pleasant and well-functioning building.

Glued wood stronger than steel

Sustainability can also refer to strength and endurance.
This, too, lives up to the wood. Glued wood, for example, is stronger than steel in relation to its weight. It also does not rust, has high fire resistance and is easy to work with.

With the help of wood, exciting architecture can be combined with reduced climate footprint. This is what we at Kungsäterhus have fixed in our collaboration with architects.

We work with traditional and well-proven natural materials that meet today’s architectural, technical, energy and environmental requirements.

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