Customisable solid wood houses

Only architect-designed houses
With the help of wood, exciting architecture can be combined with reduced climate footprint. This is what we at Kungsäterhus have fixed in our collaboration with architects.

The wall sections are manufactured in a range of sizes to ensure they are ideally suited to the type of house required. The solid wood walls are fully load-bearing, providing excellent potential for open and flexible house layouts where required.

Solid wood elements are the ideal choice for a natural cycle house.
Wall sections are also manufactured as stud walls making them the right choice in the construction of apartments and multidwelling units, particularly in the form of natural cycle housing.

Other wood products we specialise in

We also manufacture posts, load-bearing columns, roof cassettes and glulam panels for facade cladding made from solid wood.

  • Solidly built houses
  • Good indoor environment
  • No problems with damp
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Value for money

Quality solid wood houses

Kungsäterhus AB is a company with a lineage dating back to the 1920s and has been a sawmill business for over 70 years. We manufacture solid wood products for the building and construction market. Our efficient manufacturing processes mean we are able to process wood into high-class products at competitive prices.

Solid wood elements for sustainable glulam houses

The wall sections for our solid wood houses are made from the very best Swedish spruce heartwood. The wood is glued together to form a solid wall section and insulated with environmentally-friendly wood fibre insulation, resulting in a very pleasant and comfortable indoor climate.

Long tradition of glulam houses

The secret behind our wall section is that it is based on the same construction techniques that were used at the start of the 20th century. These sound and healthy houses that are still standing today are the basis for our modernised manufacture of solid wall sections.

Ecological wood-built house

Because we do not use plastics or other artificial materials in our walls, we help the house breathe, at the same time as caring for the environment. The condensation that can form in all types of house wall is “exhaled” in a natural way, instead of being enclosed in plastic, as with conventional walls.

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